Episode 21 – What’s Up Weston – Bourbon

Weston comes in and makes us do shots of bourbon. Spoiler…Blanton’s is REALLY good. We talk about Bourbon, Breakthrough by PPG, and about an NBA player that stiffed Weston and sent him home like of of Derrick Jeter’s tramps.
We find out the difference between rebel and yankee bourbon.

Episode 18 – Zapier, Ween Challenge, Coo-Coo’s Kids, and Cat Pisssssssssss

Honestly, I apologize, I got really drunk in Vegas and forgot to post this on Friday.

We are now going to start posting our podcasts on Wednesday…sorry for the delay in getting this show out.

This is possibly the funniest beer tasting reaction of all time. We then play an interesting game of Would You Rather.

Andy talks about using Zapier. John wishes for a year in a closet with Ween. Joel talks about his infatuation with synthol.





Episode 1 – We Don’t Know What We Are Doing – El Conquistador

Episode 1 of PDandH finds the guys talking about a great interior paint in Hi Hide Ceramic Matte by PPG.  We try two different beers.  One was really good…one was…well not really good.  Find out what Coo Coo Juan Francisco El Conquistador’s word of the day is.  Learn about where to park when you are doing an estimate, and why you should carry Frebreeze if you are a smoker.  Dilly Dilly!