Vigrx Pills have to Vigrx Pills depend upon their own sagacity, their compasses, and lead lines, Vigrx Pills for running down strange coasts and entering hitherto unknown harbours. To save the officers and trained seamen as much as possible from Vigrx Pills risking their lives, da Gama begged th.e King to order six men who had been condemned to death to be put on board each Vigrx Pills ship, that they might be sent ashore in dangerous regions, or left in certain places, to acquire a knowledge of the language and habits of the people. These cut throat gentlemen were, as may be supposed, afterwards a source of no small trouble and anxiety to the commanders Vigrx Pills of the ships. The preparations for the voyage being completed, the King and Queen, with their Court and many of the nobles of the land, assembled in the cathedral of Lisbon, to hear Mass, and bid farewell to the gallant explorers. The three captains, richly dressed, advanced to the curtain behind which the Royal Family had sat during the service, and dropping on their knees, kissed their sovereign s hand, and expressed their readiness to expend

their lives in the imp. ortant undertaking with which he had entrusted them. They then, mounting their horses, and accompanied by numerous nobles and gentlemen, 69 ave male enhancement side effects as well as by a procession of priests and Vigrx Pills Vigrx Pills monks, with tapers in their hands, chanting a litany, to which a great concourse of people uttered responses, rode down to the harbour. The King went with them in his barge as they joined their several ships, bestowing on them his blessing, and earnestly praying that they might enjoy a prosperous kaboom pill voyage and return home in safety. Vasco da Gama embarked in the Saint Raphael , Paulo in the Saint Gabriel , Vigrx Pills and Nicholas Coelho in the Saint Miguel. The ships were all top male enhancement of the same size, measuring about one hundred and twenty tons, and each carried about eighty persons, best male enhancement formula for porn officers and Vigrx Pills men. They were accompanied by a store ship of two hundred tons. under the command of Gonzalo Nunez, which was to continue with them only a part of the way, and to supply them with provisions and stores. It Vigrx Pills was on Saturday, the 8th ready man male enhancement Vigrx Pills of July, 1497, the anchors being we

Vigrx Pills

ighed and the sails loosed, that Vasco da Gama proceeded down the Tagus on his memorable voyage. He first steered so as to reach the Cape de Verde Islands, where he had ordered the ships to rendezvous in case of separation. Vigrx Pills Having sighted the Vigrx Pills African coast, they again stood out to the Vigrx Pills westward, meeting with a heavy gale, against which they had to beat for Vigrx Pills several days, until the crews were almost worn out, and the ships received no little damage. Vigrx Pills Being separated, as it was expected would be the case, they all steered for the Cape de Verde, where Paulo da Gama, Coelho, Diaz, and Nunez rejoined one another, but the C.aptain Major had not arrived. At length his ship made her appearance, when, to show their joy, they saluted him Vigrx Pills with salvoes from their artillery, for fears had been entertained that he was lost. Having taken in water and repaired the damaged spars and rigging, they again sailed. Here Diaz parted from his friends to proceed on Vigrx Pills his separate voyage. After battling with wind and waves for five months, they entered a bay to which

the name of Saint Elena was given. Here they set up an astrolabe of wood three spans in diameter, which they mounted on as many poles in supplements for larger ejaculation the manner of shears, to ascertain the sun s altitude. While Vasco da Gama was thus employed with his Vigrx Pills pilots, Vigrx Pills he observed behind a hill two negroes, apparently gathering herbs. He immediately ordered his people to surround them, which they did, one being cau. ght. As the poor captive was too frightened to understand the signs top male enlargement pills made, the Captain Major sent for two negro boys Vigrx Pills from his ship, and made are penis pumps effective them sit by him and eat and drink, Vigrx Pills to banish his fears. At length the negro appeared to have Vigrx Pills overcome his alarm, on which da Vigrx Pills Gama induced him to point out by best male enhancement pills for length and girth in india signs where his extenze retailers people were to Vigrx Pills be found. Having given him a cap Vigrx Pills and some beads and bells, the Captain Major ordered him to be set at liberty, making signs to him to return to his com