Top Male Enhancement Pills rged over their heads, the savages retreated leisurely. Besides Top Male Enhancement Pills other discoveries, Captain Cook on Top Male Enhancement Pills this voyage ascertained the size of New Zealand, also that the coast of New Holland was fit to become the habitation of civilised man, and that that vast territory was Top Male Enhancement Pills separated from.New Guinea. The condition of the Endeavour made it now necessary to carry her to some harbour where she might undergo a complete Top Male Enhancement Pills refit. The nearest place was Batavia, belonging to the Dutch. He was aware of its unhealthiness, but he had no choice, and hoped that his crew would escape. Passing Timor, he came Top Male Enhancement Pills off the island of Savu, not at that time marked in the charts, but which had lately been taken possession of by the Dutch, though its native Rajah still Top Male Enhancement Pills remained its nominal ruler. From this fertile spot abundance of provisions were obtained at fair prices. Java Head was reached on the ist of October. Poor Tupia was very ill, and Mr Banks at once sent on shore to procure fresh provisions for him. The ship proceeded on to Batavia. Top Male Enhancement Pills Here Cook was received with all courtesy and kindness by the Dutch Governor, and.every assistance afforded him t

o repair the Endeavour. She was in a worse state than had been supposed. Her frame was much shattered, od male enhancement her pumps were rotten, and the planking in some places was not half Top Male Enhancement Pills an inch thick. Tupia at first seemed to revive as he witnessed Top Male Enhancement Pills the sex pills video wonders of a civilised community, but he soon Top Male Enhancement Pills experienced a reaction. Young Tayeto was also seized with an inflammation of the lungs, and Mr Banks, Dr Solander, Mr Monkhouse, and others were Top Male Enhancement Pills taken seriously ill. Tents were set up on shore for the invalids, but before long the surgeon succumbed. A few days afterwards young Tayeto died, male enhancement pills shark tank and Tupia, who loved him as a son, was so Top Male Enhancement Pills much affected that he quickly followed him to the grave. Mr Banks and Dr Solander rapidly recovered on being removed to a more healthy spot, but seven persons were buried at Ba. tavia, and others imbibed the seeds of disease, which penis pill in the end proved fatal. When the Endeavour sailed Top Male Enhancement Pills from Batavia on the 26th of December, 1770, she had forty sick on board, and many others in feeble Top Male Enhancement Pills condition and before she reached the Cape male enhancement xtend of Good Hope three and twenty persons died, in addition to those who were buried at Batavia. On anc

Top Male Enhancement Pills

horing in Table Bay the sick were sent on shore, where most of them recovered. At that time Cape Town consisted of about a thousand Top Male Enhancement Pills brick houses Top Male Enhancement Pills with thatched roofs, and the inhabitants described the country as sterile, so as not to tempt the English to take possession of it. Shortly after leaving the Cape, the master and first lieutenant, Mr Hicks, died. The latter was succeeded by Mr Charles Clerke, who accompanied Captain Cook in all his subsequent voyages. Calling off Sai.nt Helena, Captain Cook found there the Portland man of war, commanded by Captain Elliot, with whom Top Male Enhancement Pills he deposited his logs and other valuable papers, for fear that the Endeavour should not reach home. The Portland and her convoy of twelve Indiamen were soon out of sight. Though the sails and rigging of the Endeavour were rotten, and she leaked considerably, she ultimately reached the Downs on the 12th of June. CHAPTER TWENTY SIX. CAPTAIN COOK S SECOND VOYAGE A.D. 1772. Supposed Top Male Enhancement Pills great southern land Exploring expedition formed Captain Cook appointed commander Equipment of the Resolution and Adventure Sail from Top Male Enhancement Pills Plymouth Reported discovery by the French S

teer south Land like appearance of the schwiinnng male enhancement Top Male Enhancement Pills ice Intense cold Separation of the ships Icebergs Sail from the Antarctic regions does male enhancement work for dibels for elite male enhancement testosterone booster New Zealand Reach Dusky Bay Health of the. crew Intercourse with the natives Visit the ship Garden planted Live stock left Sail for Queen Charlotte s Sound Fall in with the Adventure Traffic with the natives Top Male Enhancement Pills Voyage continued Scurvy on board Captain Furneaux s ship Sail for Otaheite Nearly Top Male Enhancement Pills on a reef Natives visit the Top Male Enhancement Pills ship Propensity to steal Treatment Interview with the King Sail for Matavia Bay Sail for Huaheine Behaviour of the chief A native pill extenze Top Male Enhancement Pills is taken on board Leave the Society Islands Steer Top Male Enhancement Pills for Middleburg and Amsterdam Reception extenze extended release directions Description of the country Object of the voyage co