Penile Traction Device d that they were Papuans. Sailing on along.the coast, they saw three other high islands, being then in 3 degrees 20 minutes south latitude. On the night of the 29th, as Penile Traction Device the ship was sailing calmly on, she was suddenly shaken so violently that the crew rushed up on deck, fully expecting to find that she had run aground but on sounding, no bottom was found, and it was seen that no rocks nor Penile Traction Device shallows Penile Traction Device were in the neighbourhood. They therefore came to the conclusion that the shaking had been caused by a submarine earthquake, such as often takes place in that volcanic region. The following night the same fearful phenomenon again occurred, accompanied by terrific claps of thunder, while the lightning darted so fiercely from the sky that, had not a heavy downpour of rain come on there seemed every probability that the ship would have been set on fire. In the several canoes appeared full of blacks, who were allowed to come on board. As a token that they wished to be friendly, they broke some sticks they Penile Traction Device carried Penile Traction Device over the Dutchmen. Their canoes were very neatly formed, and they themselves were more civilised than the savages last visited. Their blac

k hair was Penile Traction Device covered over unleash your beast male enhancement with chalk. They came only to beg, having brought nothing with them, hgf 1 side effects though cocoa nut trees were seen in abundance on the shore. On the creatine and penis size 1st of July Penile Traction Device the Unity again anchored between an island and the coast of New Guinea. She was almost immediately surrounded by twenty Penile Traction Device five canoes, carrying the same people who had before given tokens of peace. They now, however, came in a very different spirit for several of them caught hold of two anchors which hung over the bows, and began tugging away, expecting to. draw the ship ashore. The rest, coming up on either side, began, with loud shouts and cries, to hurl stones from their slings, and to cast their darts. On this Captain i want a longer dick Schouten ordered the guns to be fired, when the shot quickly knocked the canoes to pieces, killed twelve maximum powerful male enhancement pills or thirteen men, and wounded Penile Traction Device a much larger number, when the rest at once took to flight. The Dutch now continued their cruise round the northern end of Penile Traction Device New Guinea. Passing a large Penile Traction Device group of islands, twenty three in Penile Traction Device number, of different sizes, some high, others low, most of them being left on the starboard side, their hearts were cheered by coming in sight of a lof

Penile Traction Device

ty mountain, which they took to be the hill of Banda, but which was in reality Penile Traction Device several degrees of Penile Traction Device latitude off from it. On the 7th they Penile Traction Device approached a range of lofty hills, some of which th.ey found were volcanoes, for which reason they named the island Volcano Island. It was Penile Traction Device thickly inhabited, and abounded in cocoa nut trees. The people regarded the ship with evident terror, and would not come near her. Steering west south west, and occasionally altering their course to the west north west, they anchored on the 8th about a cannon shot from the shore between two islands, one lofty and the other somewhat lower. It was inhabited by Papuans, whose mode of bedecking themselves, owing to their natural deformity, made them literally appear like monsters. Nearly Penile Traction Device the whole of them had their limbs fearfully misshapen, Penile Traction Device besides which they had strings of hogs teeth hung about their necks, rings in their noses, their hair frizzled, and their faces black and ugly. Their habitations were remarkable, being light str.uctures of bamboo, mounted on stakes eight or nine feet above the ground, and close to the water. There were two villages near the shore, from whence t

he inhabitants Penile Traction Device brought off how to increase ejaculate hogs and cocoa nuts, libido max male enhancement but so high a price was demanded that none were purchased. By the morning of the 5th Penile Traction Device they reckoned that they were off the extreme western Penile Traction Device part male enhancements of New Guinea, along which they had sailed two hundred and eighty leagues. Here several canoes came off, bringing beans, rice, tobacco, and two beautiful birds of paradise. The natives spoke the language best male sexual performance supplements of Ternate, and some of them a little Spanish and Malayan. They were clothed from the waist down, some with loose silken robes, and others with trousers, while some, who were Mohammedans, wore silken turbans on their heads many also had gold and silver rings on their fingers. Th. ey bartered their provisions for Penile Traction Device beads and other toys, but seemed Penile Traction Device more desirous of having linen than anything else. Suspicious of the Dutch, they would not tell euphoric male enhancement pill confidence when you need it the name of their country. It was afterwards found that they were natives of Tidore. Captain Schouten now shaped a course, intending to go round the north point of Gilolo, Penile Traction Device and, having touched at Soppy, anchored on the 5th off