Male Sex Pills eatly defaced during the reformation. A stronger proof of their infatuated and partly misplaced zeal cannot be adduced, than the destruction of religious edifices Male Sex Pills by the reformers. There were one hundred monks, without including the abbot and dignitaries. The last abbot was James Stuart, natural son of James V. who died in 1559. The privileges and possessions of the abbey were Male Sex Pills very extensive.and it was endowed by its founder, David, with the lands of Melrose, Eildon, c. c. right Male Sex Pills of Male Sex Pills fishery on the Tweed, c. Male Sex Pills and succeeding monarchs increased its property. Sixty of the monks, it is said, renounced popery at the reformation. In 1542, the revenu.e of the abbey was, 1758 l. in money, 14 chalders nine bolls of wheat, 56 chal. 5 bolls of barley, 78 chal. 13 bolls of meal, 44 chal. 10 bolls of oats, 84 capons, 620 poultry, 105 stone of butter, 8 chal. of salt, 340 loads of peats, Male Sex Pills and 500 carriages besides 60 bolls of corn, 300 barrels of ale, and 18 hogsheads of wine, for Male Sex Pills the service of the mass a large quantity for the entertainment of strangers 4,000 l. for the care of the sick and 400 l. to the barber. Th

ese Male Sex Pills were given up Male Sex Pills at the commencement of the reformation in 1561. The lands Male Sex Pills were either seized by the crown, or divided amongst the Male Sex Pills nobles. A large portion fell into the hands of the Buccleugh family. A stone coffin, supposed to be that of the famous Michael Scott, the wizard, was Male Sex Pills found in the small aisle on the south best in store male enhancement of the gold gorilla male enhancement chancel in 1812. It was authenti. cated that his remains had been laid here. There was an altar erected Male Sex Pills to say mass for his soul. The length of the skeleton was six feet. A stone head at the foot of the coffin cialis vs male enhancement pills bears a very rude wizard like appearance. Alexander II. and many natural brain supplements of the Scottish kings and nobles are buried here. The best view is obtained Male Sex Pills of the building from the south east, which, indeed, commands ginkgo biloba for male enhancement the whole of the ruin. The village contains 500 or 600 inhabitants, and is 35 miles distant from Edinburgh. The remains of several Roman camps are to be seen in its neighbourhood, and one of the hills bears the marks of having been a volcano. Sir Walter Scott s residence at Abbotsford is within a few miles. VYVYAN. ON WAITS. To the Editor of the Mirror. MR. EDITOR, It may not

Male Sex Pills

be unacceptable to many of your readers to receive some elucidation of.a custom which is still prevalent at the present season. I allude to the waits, who visit us in the month of December, with instrumental music, going from house to house. Waites , or waits , formerly wayghtes is derived from the latter noun, and originally signified hautbois , or hautbois, as we have it in English, of which it is not unworthy remark, there Male Sex Pills is no singular number. From the instrument its signification was, after a time, transferred to the performers themselves concerning whom, it is well known.the appellation is now applied Male Sex Pills to all who follow the practice above adverted to, especially those who, at the Male Sex Pills approach of. Christmas, salute us with their nightly concerts. The wayghtes of ancient times were, as some historians say, so called, Male Sex Pills because they attended or waited on potentates, judges, Male Sex Pills magistrates, an.d bodies corporate, pomp and processions, c. they were also sometimes appointed to keep a sort of Watch at night, and were then generally decorated with superb dresses, splendid cloaks, c. In Rymers Fardera there

is an account of such an establishment, of the minstrels and waites who were in the service of the court of Edward IV. wherein is mentioned porn male enhancement a waite that nighteleye, from Michaelmas Male Sex Pills to Shrove Thorsday, pipeth the watch within this court i. fewer times, in the somere nightes iij. times. Todd derives the term waits from wahts Male Sex Pills , Goth. nocturnal itinerant musicians, huge cum volume Beaumont and Fletcher Bayley, on account of their waiting on magistrates, c. or of guet , a watch or from the French guetter , to watch, because anciently they kept a sort of watch a night. From magnum male enhancement 50k what legal testosterone I have narrated, then, it appears that the persons f. ormerly called waites, or Male Sex Pills waits, were musical watchmen, the word implying obees. They were, in fact, minstrels, at first annexed to the king s court, who sounded the watch every night and in towns paraded the streets during winter, Male Sex Pills to prevent theft, Male Sex Pills c. At Exeter honey and aloe vera for male enhancement they were set up, with Male Sex Pills a regular salary, in 1400 and although suppressed by the Puritans, were reinstated in 1660. M.A. Boyer, in his French and English Dictionary , Rivington. 1747, under the Male Sex Pills word waits , s. has the following in the Fr