Extenze Reviews fs, so ingeniously knotted together and adorned with Extenze Reviews various compositions and characters that they presented a very pleasing sight. They Extenze Reviews constructed with great skill several fountains, some of which gave forth water and others wine two, in particular, issuing from a window, gave forth milk and Castilian wine, which were highly prized at that time in the islands. The relics were borne on six platforms, no less splendid than costly, since they carried nearly all the gold, precious stones, and jewelry of the city, which had Extenze Reviews been offered with much readiness and good will. Our Lord rewarded them for this, for Extenze Reviews there was not one accident, or a single piece lacking, of which there had previously been some fear, on account of the Extenze Reviews great gathering of all classes of people. As for the decorati.on of the church, the edifice itself, recently Extenze Reviews completed, was so beautiful and pleasing that it sufficed for adornment, although not so elaborate as the tabernacle. Its beauty was increased by elegant hangings of tapestry, and by many inscriptions written by Ours in Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Castilian, and Tagalo extending in three ro

ws along the great nave, besides others, corresponding Extenze Reviews to these, in various places. As I have said, the holy relics were borne on six platforms, resting on the shoulders of men, most of whom were religious, and in fourteen reliquaries, which were carried by as many religious and dignitaries of the cathedral, clothed in their official robes, accompanied these. Add to this the salutes from the forts, and the standards of the confraternities carried in the van, and Extenze Reviews the Extenze Reviews effect was highly imposing. . The festivities lasted nine days, each order celebrating its special feast, preaching and saying mass with the penis traction method greatest possible solemnity. The Augustinian fathers began the festivities, considering the occasion especially theirs on account of their long residence there. They assisted us by their good increase memory supplement will and deeds, Extenze Reviews male enhancement safe thereby showing themselves no less devoted Extenze Reviews to the best and fastest male enhancement holy relics than friendly Extenze Reviews to the Society. pro male penis extender enlargement system enlarger stretcher enhancement They conducted many kinds of music Extenze Reviews and dances, and besides these were many furnished by our Indians, and the Chinese and Japanese all this variety produced most Extenze Reviews pleasing effects and greatly adorned and enlivened th

Extenze Reviews

e festival. In this fashion the other religious orders celebrated their own days until the eighth, in Extenze Reviews succession, with great devotion, joy and edification on the part of the people. On the afternoon of.the last day, as a conclusion to the fiesta, valuable prizes were distributed on the occasion of a literary contest, the announcement of which had been published some days before with much show and solemnity. In this contest many excellent and ingenious compositions of various kinds were delivered, to which prizes were awarded, after two exceedingly pleasing, dignified and impressive declamations had been recited in praise of the holy relics. Divine worship was also improved Extenze Reviews in the new church by the addition of some silver lamps, candlesticks, chalices, patines, wine cruets, monstrances, and thuribles many altar hangings Extenze Reviews and Extenze Reviews chasubles, made not only from the silk and embroideries of that country, but from damask, velvet, and brocade brought from Espana and Italia, with printed borders hangings heavily embroidered with.seed pearls and thin silver plates and various draperies, Extenze Reviews some of velvet and damask, others

of colored taffeta. Besides all these things, there was the chapel of the singers, who with voices and music of Extenze Reviews flutes and clarions, serve in the masses, vespers, and Salves , at least on the principal feast days. There was also begun at this time, through the devotion Extenze Reviews of Canon Diego de Leon who was then attending the lectures in our schools , the practice of assembling in our church many men of all ranks male erectile dysfunction pills to take the Extenze Reviews discipline, 72 three days in the week, especially during Lent a practice which lasts to this very day. This same canon stimulated their piety on these occasions by a Extenze Reviews half hour s reading from some devout book. At the conclusion of the reading, the penance began, during which they repeated devoutly the Miserere. semen pill Th. is holy exercise was a source of great edification to the Indians and, in do any male enhancement products work imitation of 100mg oral jelly male enhancement it, a great number of them took the discipline on those nights, in turn with the Spaniards. Further proceedings at this time in Manila by the Extenze Reviews Indians aistralian male sex enhancement pills and Spaniards. Chapter Extenze Reviews Extenze Reviews XIX. At this time the Extenze Reviews Indians were very numerous, both within the city of Manila where there are more than six thousand, scatter