Extenz Results In consequence of the cold weather which now came on, the Admiral intended to sail northward, to ge.t as soon as possible into a warmer Extenz Results latitude but, a furious north wind arising, the ships could in no way make head against it, and were driven farther and farther south and east. Instead of finding it the Extenz Results Pacific Extenz Results Ocean, they, from their experience, considered that it should be called the Stormy Sea. Day after day the tempest blew with extraordinary violence. During that period, on the 15th of September, an eclipse of the moon occurred, which lasted for a considerable time, adding to the horrors of the storm. For many days they ran on under bare poles, being unable Extenz Results to Extenz Results face it. On the 30th of Extenz Results the same month, the Marigold , commanded by Captain John Thomas, who had rendered such service to the Admiral, Extenz Results and having many other of his friends on board, was separated from her consorts. It was hoped, however, that she mig.ht be able to rejoin them at their place of rendezvous, about the thirtieth degree of south latitude, on the coast of Peru. For a whole month the two remaining ships, sorely battered by the tempest, were out of sight of land, which at length regaining, on

the night of the 7th of October, biozen male enhancement pills they ran into a harbour to the southward. They had not, however, long dropped their anchors before both ships were again driven out to sea, and that of the Admiral left an anchor behind her, but a sloop which had been put up at the entrance of the straits soon regained the harbour. The Elizabeth was lost Extenz Results sight of, while the Golden top10 male enhancement oroducts Hind was driven far away to the southward, where she lay helplessly tossed about by the fury of the waves. Again, black mamba maximum power male enhancement pill lot rst0818 the storm abating, she made sail, and sighted the utmost cape or viswiss male enhancement headland of those island. s, about the fifty sixth degree of south latitude, and since known as Cape Horn. On the 28th of October the Golden Hind anchored within a creek of the same island. Though people were seen on shore, no communication was held with them. On the 30th Extenz Results of October, with a fair wind, Drake steered to gro male enhancement the north west, and then north, in order not to lose Extenz Results sight of the continent. The Extenz Results following day the explorers came off an island covered Extenz Results so thickly with birds Extenz Results that they were able to obtain Extenz Results a plentiful supply indeed, the whole fleet might have been equally well furnished. Coasting along in sight of land, they observed a l

Extenz Results

ofty range of mountains, but the country appeared barren, without water or wood, except here and there, Extenz Results where Spanish settlements had been formed. There being no possibility of obtaining information of the miss.ing ships, they again ran off towards an island called Mucho, on account of its large size. Here they came Extenz Results to an anchor on Extenz Results the 25th, and found it a fertile place, with an abundance of sheep, cattle, Indian corn, and potatoes. The inhabitants were Indians, who had been driven off by the cruelty of the Spaniards, and had here fortified themselves. On ascertaining that the visitors were English, they came with great courtesy, bringing with them various fruits and two fat sheep, which they presented to the Admiral. He, in return, gave them a variety of useful articles, at which they seemed greatly pleased, and signified that they would return with further provisions. Next day, therefore, at an early hour, the Admiral, with a number of men, repaired to the beach, carrying articles for barter. He first put two men ashor.e, Extenz Results Extenz Results with casks to obtain water at a place which had been pointed out, but scarcely had Extenz Results they landed when they were treacherously set upon and killed

. Shortly afterwards, five hundred savages, armed best supplements for memory recall with Extenz Results bows and darts, Extenz Results springing up Extenz Results from behind the rocks where they had been concealed, let fly a shower of arrows. The boat being driven in by the force of the sea towards the beach, single use male enhancement pills the crew had great Extenz Results difficulty in pulling off. The Admiral received two wounds, one under his right eye, and one on his head, nearly penetrating to the bone the rest of the the very best male enhancement product party being also severely injured in different parts Extenz Results of their bodies. Had they not succeeded in getting the boat off, the whole might have been massacred. The arrows were long reeds, with heads of stone, and their endowinex male enhancement darts were of great length, with iron or bone tips. Serious. as were the wounds, none proved mortal, and although the chief surgeon was powerful male sexual enhancement dead, and the other had gone off in the Elizabeth , so that they had only a lad, whose anxiety to do right was far greater than his skill, they all in a short time recovered. Drake, Extenz Results though he might h