Extagen family. She is really blessed and marries someone who values women like this. When you go to the country to study, it is a big event. In the late months, the recommendation letter of Yancheng government is still useless. Do Extagen you need to take the test Zhao is worried about this. Li Ruyi smiled and said Mother, according to my recommendation letter should be written by Yan Wangfu, this time is the first scientific examination of the Northern Territory, Yan Wangfu wants to cultivate more talents, White Deer Academy will give Extagen Yan Wangfu face, will not refuse My second brother. Zhao is still not at ease, said Mountain brother, you will go to Tuen Mun with Fu Kang tomorrow. At noon the next day.Li Shan and Li Fukang came back from Yancheng Tuen Extagen Mun and retrieved the letter of recommendation. Li Fukang excitedly said Sister, I was really guessed by you. The recommendation letter was written in the name of Yan Wangfu. Lishan s focus is not on the Extagen recommendation letter, but on 705 test white deer college and remarriage Yan Wangfu is really the atmosphere. When Extagen I first shot, I gave 15 candidates for two hundred and two silver, and three scholars for one hundred and two silver. I immediate

ly spent 3,300 silver, which can buy more than 1,000 acres of good land. Li Ruyi smiled and said I can t leave the three words Zhao s excitement said extenze official site libido max Fukang, please give me a letter of recommendation. The whole family took turns to read the recommendation letter. Li Fukang is very happy. With this letter, I don t have to take the White Hart College entrance exam, Extagen I can go directly to the college. Li Jian an, Li Yinghua, and Li Minhan are envious. Li Minhan looked at his wife, Lu Ting, and said to his family If my second brother goes to Bailu College Extagen for a few years and comes back to take the scientific test, he will try like Murong Gongzi and Extagen the temple test Extagen is at the top Li Yinghua excitedly clapped his voice Yes Extagen Murong Gongzi is studying in the capital of China and taking a test in Yancheng. Li Ruyi said Second brother, scripture and women as enhancement for imperfections in male gender if yo.u feel confident, you can also take the scientific test in the country, so that you can work in the Greater Zhou where to get penis pills Dynasty and stay in the country. Li Fukang smirked and touched his head Those things are too far away, I don Extagen t even think about it. top gun male enhancement Zhang Yinfang has been laughing all the time. Wang Yan looked at the embarrassment that came out of this town.


The heart Extagen said The second brother went to the White Deer Academy. If he reads it, he will be able to test the people. Even the scholar is not impossible. The second brother and sister are at least the lady, she is really stupid and stupid. Lv Ting did not envy Zhang Yinfang, but asked Can the White Deer Academy be admitted Li Minhan replied Yes. Our Dean said before that the White Deer Academy recruits new students in the spring and autumn seasons. All officials and younger brothers can take the test. Those who are on the list are eligible to go to the hospital. Lv Ting said Min Han, you Extagen and the big brother, the third brother can try to go to the White Deer Academy next spring, so Extagen that you can study with your second brother. Wang Yan immediately got excited and said Jianan, Extagen you go to the exam, you can definitely Extagen take the White Deer Academy. Li Jianan shook his head. The White Deer Academy is so easy to test in. Li Minhan s face was stunned and whispered I heard that Yanch.eng Academy did not go to the country before the autumn show last year and the civil war this spring. Before, everyone went to the National University to test the White Deer Academy. There are not many people

in the exam. Lv Extagen Ting insisted and asked How do you know g6 male enhancement if Extagen you don t try Li Jianan, Li Yinghua, and Li Minhan face each other, and then they said the same thing Do not try. In fact, they all want to try, but the White Hart College has high qualifications for examinations. It must be a child of an official family of more than five products. Lishan s official position is only six items, which is not enough. Hey, Li Shan s official position is based on Li Ruyi s. The rx gold male enhancement three brothers did not want to say that Extagen they were afraid that Li Shan would have no face in front of her daughter in law. Li Ruyi wants to talk, but sees Li Minhan s eyes not let her say, my heart is puzzled. After the whole family had used lunch, the three brothers ran to Li Ruyi s yard and said the reason. Nothing came out, you have a lot of hearts. Li Ruyi smiled. But it is too inflexible. You forgot, I am from the county Extagen of the second product, a few grades hemp seeds male enhancement higher than the five products. Next year. In the spring, you can go to the White Deer College to take the admission viagro male enhancement pills exam in the name Extagen dr bross male enhancement of Extagen my brother. Day. I am a Extagen fool, I forgot my sister is the county.I am still not very comfortable with the county magistrate who