Ejaculation Volume Pills general who accompanied Zhou Jingchen to Yancheng for medical treatment last year. At this point, Chu Wang and his four sons are dead, leaving only Zhou Jingchen and Yizi Zhou Yong. At dawn, Zhou Yong held the letter of Zhou Wangchen and the token of the king of Chu, and summoned more than five officials to discuss the major events of Ejaculation Volume Pills the Chu army before the mourning hall still burning. Zhou Yong said in the letter s plan, So we can return to the Ejaculation Volume Pills Southland safely and save the border defense. It is said that everyone agrees. Zhou Yong immediately sent a letter to Hongjun Gong. This thin letter came to Hongjun s public hand, but let him stay up all night. The next day, Hongjun s face was exhausted and Ejaculation Volume Pills his eyes were covered with bloodshot eyes. He sent Hong s second master to the Chu army to negotiate with Zhou Yong. Hong Erye and Zhou Yongkuo met again in half a year, but the place where they met w.as replaced by the mountain forest of Ejaculation Volume Pills Luocheng. Ejaculation Volume Pills Former friends, now the enemy. A son of Hong Erye and a daughter in law died under the guns of the Chu army. Zhou Yong s several comrades who were brothers died under the Ejaculation Volume Pills horse s hooves

of Hong Jiajun. Both are their masters. Hong Erye, offended Zhou Yong s Ejaculation Volume Pills eyes were complicated. Under one permanent penile enlargement pills command, Chu Jun swarmed ejaculation supplement and tied male testicular enhancement Hong Erye and six followers. Hong Erye was dying, but he was sent to Ejaculation Volume Pills a carriage by Zhou Yong. There was an acquaintance in the car. It was Xu Haisheng, the general manager of Chu Wangfu. Another old friend, the enemy now. Hong Erye s eyes were stunned, his neck was quite awkward, and he said, You have to kill it Xu Haisheng faintly said Hey, Hong Erye, for Hong Jiajun, but also for the Chu army, grievances you as a hostage. You will follow me on this carriage to the south. Hong Erye male performance drugs still did not understand, asked What do you want to Ejaculation Volume Pills do It seems that Hongjun Gong did not tell chinese male enhancement goat the truth. Then I will tell you. Xu Haisheng whispered Zhou urged the imperial Ejaculation Volume Pills decree to order Hong Jiajun and the local army to kill the Chu army. We can not bury the bones here, Ejaculation Volume Pills we I have to rush to the enemy army that is invading and killing. You Hong Jiajun has lost more than half of it. If you hit it, there will be no one It turned out Ejaculation Volume Pills that Ejaculation Volume Pills you and my big brother together, le.t my big brother send me to negotiate

Ejaculation Volume Pills

, you will seize me as an adult quality. Hong Erye Ejaculation Volume Pills thought of Ejaculation Volume Pills coming out of Ejaculation Volume Pills the military camp to see the Hongjun public eyes tears reluctantly. His big brother must have no way to use this strategy. He won t blame his big brother, and he won Ejaculation Volume Pills t run away. Hong Erye understands it. This is a helpless move. Xu Haisheng looked at Hong Erye s eyes with Ejaculation Volume Pills a bit of pity. Such a very brave general on the battlefield was actually to become a hostage. Even if the Chu army would not abuse him, his life would be marked with shame. When the Chu army returned to the land safely, the emperor Zhou was scheduled to investigate the crime of Hong Jiajun s rebellion. Hongjun was afraid to launch Hong Erye s crime. At that time, Hong Erye may lose his life. Hong Erye never thought about his own destiny, but eagerly asked The Chu army is to solve the danger of border defense, how can it not march quickly, but also use the carriage to do This carriage is for you. Our army of the Chu army has been opened. Hong Erye once again squinted, screaming I can ride horses. You let me ride with you to Ejaculation Volume Pills fight against the South Barbarian of the enemy Xu Haisheng cou

ghed twice, and his heart Ejaculation Volume Pills said Hong Erye is still so bloody and belligerent. He was born for the war. Hong Erye, if you are riding, you are not like ultra max male enhancement a hostage, y.ou can t fool people. The Chu army released the the beast male enhancement pill words, and Hong Ejaculation Volume Pills Ejaculation Volume Pills Ejaculation Volume Pills Erye, who was born in the Hong family, and Hong Jiajun, if he dared to pursue it, otc male enhancement drugs killed Hong Erye and fed the wild dog. Hongjun Gong has given secret orders to several confidant generals, so that they can only take thousands of soldiers to follow the Chu army and slowly chase after them. In this way, under the leadership of Zhou Yong, the Chu army took Ejaculation Volume Pills Hong Erye as a hostage and withdrew from Luocheng and ftc male enhancement pills Ejaculation Volume Pills retreated to the south. The military and political officials of the local government officials learned that the king of Chu was dead, and the Chu army had to return to the south with different minds. If we let go of the Ejaculation Volume Pills Chu army, we will resist the purpose. But if it is to block the Chu army, one will die a lot of people, and the other will hinder the Chu army from saving natural test boosters the border defense. It is equal to helping the invaders to help the enemy and become a sinner of the ages. In the end, there is no so