Best Male Enhancers etimes dangerously beset by masses of ice yet by persevering efforts, they first got Best Male Enhancers into one lane, then into another, till, the fog clearing, they saw only one long floe separating them from the open sea. The ice saws were therefore set to work, and with great labour cutting through the floe, they had the satisfaction of seeing the shore clear of ice Best Male Enhancers extending out before them. They now steered for Lancaster Sound, and on the 30th of July they gained its entrance. As they sailed on, under a Best Male Enhancers press of canvas, westward, the mast heads were crowded by.officers and men, eagerly looking out to ascertain if the supposed mountain barrier lay across their Best Male Enhancers course. The sound continued open, and it was calculated that the two shores were still thirteen leagues Best Male Enhancers apart, without the slightest appearance of land to the westward. Again and again a report was received from aloft that all was clear ahead, and the explorers began to flatter themselves that they had fairly entered the polar sea. Several headlands were passed, and wide openings to the north and south. With a strong breeze from the ea

stward, running on until midnight, reviews on male enhancement products they found themselves in latitude 83 degrees 12 minutes, nearly one Best Male Enhancers hundred Best Male Enhancers and fifty miles from the entrance of the sound, which was fully fifty miles in breadth. The Griper , which had fallen astern, joining the Hecla , they together reached latitu. de 86 degrees 30 minutes, when two other inlets were discovered, and Best Male Enhancers named Burnet and Stratton and then a bold headland, to which the name of Fellfoot was given. A lengthened swell rolling in from the north wild horse male enhancement fda and west, gave them hopes that they had now really reached gold v male enhancement the wide expanse of the polar basin, and that nothing would stop their progress to Icy Cape, the western boundary of America. While their hopes were at the highest land Best Male Enhancers ahead was seen, but Best Male Enhancers it proved only to be increase sperm volume a small island. Very soon afterwards more land was seen, Best Male Enhancers with a broad inlet, named Maxwell Bay. Still the Best Male Enhancers sea stretched out uninterruptedly before them, but their hopes fell when, in a short time, they saw to the south a line of continuous ice. Shortly afterwards an what happens when a girl takes male enhancement pills open passage appeared, through which it was hoped the ships would

Best Male Enhancers

make their way w.estward. On proceeding on, however, the explorers discovered, to their sorrow, that this ice was joined to a compact and impenetrable body of floes, completely crossing the channel. They had therefore to haul their wind and stand away from it, for fear of being caught in the ice, along the edges of which a Best Male Enhancers violent surf was beating. As soon as the weather, which had been thick, became clear, an open sea, with a dark water sky, was seen to the south. In the hopes that this might lead to a passage, unencumbered with ice, the commander steered for it, and shortly reached the mouth of Best Male Enhancers a large inlet, ten leagues broad, with no visible termination. The names of Clarence and Seppings were given to the Best Male Enhancers two capes at its entrance. Avoiding the ice on one side, the ships entered a broad open channel. The coast was dreary in t.he extreme, while the irregularity of the compass showed that Best Male Enhancers Best Male Enhancers they were approaching the magnetic pole, and increased the difficulties of navigation. They had run one hundred and twenty miles up this inlet, to which the name of Prince Regent was giv

en, when the ice was found extending across it. Standing out of it, Parry steered across the channel, until Best Male Enhancers he came off another broad inlet, leading male enhancement work north, which was called Wellington Inlet. The great channel through which they were passing was called Barrow Straits, in compliment to the promoter of the expedition. The wind again becoming favourable, the ship sailed triumphantly along male sperm enhancement pills three islands they successively passed being named Cornwallis, Bathurst, Byam Martin. The compass had now become perfectly useless, extensions male enhancement reviews and they judged that they had passed the magnetic Best Male Enhancers meridia. n at about 100 degrees west latitude, where it would have pointed due south instead of north. The cold also greatly increased, and thick fogs enveloped them. They had also to saw a passage through Best Male Enhancers a thick floe. Best Male Enhancers Still forcing their way on, they discovered a large island, Best Male Enhancers to which the name Best Male Enhancers of volume 500 Melville was given. Though the wind failed, by towing and warping, on the 4th of September they reached the meridian pros and cons of testosterone booster of Best Male Enhancers 110 degrees west from Greenwich, in latitude 74 degrees 44 minutes 20 seconds, and became Best Male Enhancers entitled to a