Episode 17 – I Want to Park My Banana In Yo Garage – 5 in 1 Tool Trivia

Tevin rips us again on mail.  We try out Victory Brewing black forest cherry stout beer.  Joel explains that teachers drink more than anyone…and they sometimes hook up.  Joel used to be a teacher and he shares some interesting teacher talk.

Coocoo Juan Francisco El Conquistador brings his secret word.

Andy’s business corner bushes turns into a fun new game of “who’s that breathing”.    Of course, Bockelmann is a dick and runs with some crazy sound drops.  Of course, Casey pops in and has a few words.

We talk about what the actual uses of a 5 in 1 tool.  Do you know the actual 5 intended uses?  We take a stab.  Spoiler, one is not a ball-hair trimmer.

Our second beer, which is Wells Brewing Banana Bread Beer, got the craziest ratings of any beer yet.  We had some that love it…and the opposite.  John doesn’t like bananas, but he likes this beer.  Freaking banana water if you ask me.  I want to park my banana in your garage!

We also begin a game of “Would You Rather”

How does a cheezy turdito sound?

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