Episode 16 – Colors Colors Colors – Colorsnap – Hootie Hoo There’s a Ghost

Have you tried the Sherwin Williams Colorsnap?  We try it out, review it, and figure out what color the Einstok can is.  Spoiler…it’s blue.  We talk Colorsnap alternatives as well.

We find out about the headless horesman and how big is package is.  The horse kept tripping.

John brings breathing into the mic to an all new level.  (sorry)  He also decides at minute 45 to not talk in the mic for quite a while. (sorry again)

The guys are hanging out with their wang out.

Einstok Icelandic White Ale is our beer this week that gets reviewed.

Drink. Conquer. Repeat.

Maude Maude Maude!  Have you seen my weiner?!  Hootie Hoo there is a ghost!


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