Episode 4 – All Apologies – Follow-Up Calls and Mango Whhhhheat

Episode 4 begins with us apologizing for Casey in the previous episode.  The guys test a Mango Wheat from Anchor Brewing Company and a Maui Wowy Whhhhheat from Hawaii.  Painting talk about follow up calls, PowerHouse Elastomeric Caulking, and Big Stretch.  Other subject matter included sports, relatives moving in on your naked room, and Bo Jackson.  Grab a beer, and have a listen.  Dilly Dilly!

Episode 3 – The Spawn of Casey

Episode 3 welcomes Casey to the show.  Why is he wearing a wife beater with “Bigger Home Since Romo”?  Find out about how his life was living in Andy’s dining room.  Find out how radius marketing can increase your painting business.  Find out how Joel, John, Casey, and Andy feel about a brown beer, and a “blood orange” beer.  Spoiler: Not Great.  Wheeeeeat!

Dilly Dilly!

Episode 1 – We Don’t Know What We Are Doing – El Conquistador

Episode 1 of PDandH finds the guys talking about a great interior paint in Hi Hide Ceramic Matte by PPG.  We try two different beers.  One was really good…one was…well not really good.  Find out what Coo Coo Juan Francisco El Conquistador’s word of the day is.  Learn about where to park when you are doing an estimate, and why you should carry Frebreeze if you are a smoker.  Dilly Dilly!