Episode 4 – Aaron Thomas

Aaron Thomas comes in and talks to us. Joel and Bockelmann are both absent…so the interview is pretty crummy. Aaron, however, is great. Learn how he went from being a teacher to leading missions in Greece.

BZW Mater Painters

Nic Rosselot from BZW Master Painters joins us and brings us gifts from the Mad Anthony Brewing Company. All of their beers are awesome. Nic also brought Troy with him to hang out in Thunderdome. It turns out that Troy is the long, lost twin of our buddy Casey. I cannot stress enough that Troy and Casey have some kind of weird connection. They stared deep into each others eyes every time that they spoke. It was a bit creepy. On a good note, Casey is back out of jail for the time being.
Uranus Missouri

Episode 24 – OOOOOOH That’s Nasty

We have a new character on the show this week…
Would You Rather Lady joins us for some exciting questions. We try a tangerine beer that is much better than the cat piss beer. And a new song is released for the first time on our show. John and Joel belt it out.